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About Us

European Staff B.V. is a multifunctional European holding with a core business in human resources (international recruitment and payrolling) and go-to-market services.


Founded in 2003, European Staff B.V., headquartered in the Hague (the Netherlands), has developed a wide spread business network of 5 branches and 35 representative offices in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.


Our objectives:

We have resumes you have never seen on-line, and offer a wider selection of highly skilled English-speaking professionals 
We accept the challenge. Even if your target candidate lives on a different continent or works for your competitor –we will get him for you.
No need to look for other contractors “just in case”! One contract with ES B.V. and our partner agencies worldwide can also start recruiting candidates for your company right away, free of charge and paperwork. 
Membership with the largest and most reliable recruitment network allows us to find right candidates before your competitors do 
We do not give you an ultimatum – we negotiate a service fee with you.
We take care of recruitment, payrolling, employment- and tax related paperwork.
We are not afraid of trade sanctions: we know a safe and cost-effective way to the Russian market.
We provide on-site HR support and Business Development assistance for our clients
Our service geography includes the USA, China, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Argentina, Israel, Palestine, Russia, the CIS and beyond.