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For over12 years an international holding European Staff B.V. has been providing agricultural and FMCG companies worldwide with turn-key personnel solutions including international recruitment, executive search, payrolling and employment services.


Collaboration with leading experts in agribusiness, years of worldwide experience , hundreds of interviews and thousands of most wanted resumes let us offer our clients top-quality HR solutions for executive positions, high-level engineering staff and other professionals in agriculture. This way we assist companies planning to expend or start up their business by delivering highly qualified foreign and local personnel for their projects.


Why European Staff? 

  • Our own CV database: we have resumes of Russian- and English-speaking professionals you have never seen on-line.
  • Wider selection of agricultural professionals: we provide candidates of any skill level: from technical workers to highly qualified multilingual personnel.
  • Membership with NPA Worldwide Recruitment Network: we have an unlimited access to internal NPA database of the world’s best resumes to find right candidates in your target countries.
  • Membership with Foundation Dutch-Russian Livestock and Dutch Poultry Centre: we help our fellow members with their business in the CIS, while mastering our knowledge in agriculture. Our must-have connections and collaboration with FDRL and DPC members give our clients more opportunities for networking in agribusiness.
  • Our own B2B platform: we assist in promotion of Dutch and Russian high-profit investment projects, searching for investors and emerging markets.
  • Well-developed business network: we have 5 branches and 35 representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.
  • Multiple agri-placements: we have successfully filled many FMCG- and agricultural positions, such as:

- Veterenarian (pigs, poultry) foreign and Russian multilingual specialists;
- Engineers and supervisors of agricultural machinery and equipment; 
- Sales managers/ Sales Directors of dairy equipment and products 
- Sales Director of the bull semen; 
- Managers in Agriculture/ Agricultural managers; 
- Nutrition Specialists; 
- Administrative staff for agricultural holdings and processing plants
- Managing director of slaughterhouses; 
- Director of Feed and Premix Production Company in Russia; 
- Director of Poultry Department 
- Operating Managers for poultry processing 
- Chief Agronomist 
- Operators for poultry slaughtering lines etc.


Relay on our experience proved by 12 years of success, multiple international awards and dozens of happy customers.


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