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European Staff is a Dutch - Russian company with 14 years’ experience in providing of complete package of personnel solutions and business development for large industrial enterprises and their projects worldwide and CIS countries.

The headquarters located in Moscow with the EU branch in the Hague, the Netherlands. There are 8 branches and 30 representative offices in Russia and other CIS countries. Therefore we have the opportunity to search staff of any skill level - from technical workers to highly skilled personnel with knowledge of several languages.

Due to membership at the American worldwide recruitment network - NPA, the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting agencies located throughout the world, there is an opportunity to search for candidates with international experience from another countries.

Our partners are Russian and foreign factories for wide range of technologies with focus on food processing, agro sector and industrial machine building.

Smart personnel solutions. Global recruiting, outsourcing, outstaffing.

What we offer:

Providing of complete package of personnel solutions on basis of recruiting and outsourcing for large industrial enterprises.

With our extensive network and high service standards we help international companies to start or expand their business in Russia though the own developed strategy. This includes market information, selection, hiring and salary payments of English- and Russian speaking personnel, work permits arrangements. As a result it allows companies to save time and money and reach success on the market.

Main services:

What we are looking for:

Our customers are international producers and distributors of wide range of technologies with focus on machine building, food processing and agricultural sector.

Start-up solutions for companies entering new markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of former CIS by methods of market presence and business development on distance by means of payrolling solutions.

Projects/companies which need all types of personnel for agricultural projects in livestock, poultry, horticulture, food processing, machine building and other industries.