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Process Engineer

Posting date: 26/02/2016
Salary: 60 000 - 75 000 USD
Job Location: USA
Industry: Consumer Services
Contact Phone Number: +31 20 4919874


  • - Responsible for the day to day process support of manufacturing. Batch Operation
  • - Monitor and Control critical process parameters that drive Key Production Indicators
  • - Manage continuous process improvement for all manufacturing processes and equipment
  • - Manage the day to day troubleshooting that is needed with processes and equipment, supporting the daily production goals
  • - Lead projects, involving cross-functional teams, using project management methodologies.
  • - Implement appropriate methodologies to ensure validation resources are deployed according to level of risk..
  • - Enact measures and review to ensure systems, once validated, remain in a validated state throughout their lifecycle.
  • - Manage and confront issues as they arise.
  • - Formulate cross-functional teams, gaining consensus of requirements and approach.
  • - Assist in the development and implement of the quality strategy and objectives.
  • - Create validation protocols and conduct appropriate inspection/testing required on product, processes, and materials.
  • - Implementation of manufacturing processes on a full-scale and leading any troubleshooting activities.


  • - Bachelors degree in Engineering Prefer Mechanical, Chemical Engineering OK
  • - Minimum of three years experience in a manufacturing environment ( Batch Operation), preferably in food/dairy/meat. FDA Regulated
  • - Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing experience
  • - The ideal candidate will have experience in process design, pilot scale experimentation, process scale-up, process capability definition. Batch Operation
  • - Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • - Ability to work in a team environment.
  • - Leadership skills.
  • - Ability to apply engineering concepts to resolve problems.

Job conditions:

  • The primary purpose of this position is to support the manufacturing processes, ( Batch Operation), Pet Food Ingredients, on a daily basis; monitoring, controlling, and improving key variables which drive the Key Production Indicators and driving the daily troubleshooting with respect to processes and equipment.