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Process Technician

Posting date: 16/05/2016
Salary: 80 000 - 100 000 USD
Job Location: USA
Industry: Building Materials
Contact Phone Number: +31 20 4919874


  • .Responsible for timely changeover, set up injection molds and work stations that meet the needs of our employees as well as our production goals.
  • .Responsible for meeting or exceeding company standards for efficiency and utilization.
  • .Work with Shift Supervisor and Quality Department on approval of start-up parts.
  • .Responsible for accurate maintenance of standard approved process sheets for each part and press.
  • .Aid in Design jigs, fixtures, conveyer systems, robotics as necessary to meet or improve standards.
  • .Experience of 3 or more years in processing role within plastic molding industry.


  • High School diploma or 10 years with Manufacturing experience.

Job conditions:

  • An employer is looking for a Process Technician with a High School diploma or 10 years with Manufacturing experience.This position will have the responsibility of maintaining and improving injection molding and secondary processes that allow us to meet or exceed production efficiencies while providing our customer base with quality parts.