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Risk & Compliance Analytics Seniors

Posting date: 21/03/2016
Salary: 140 000 - 150 000 USD
Job Location: USA
Industry: Accounting
Contact Phone Number: +31 20 4919874


  • ·Help their clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the technologies that are becoming ubiquitous to run, manage and govern business. ·Provide services that help FSI organizations plan, define, design, and deliver solutions to address their most challenging business, operational and governance challenges and opportunities.
  • ·Perform heightened regulatory scrutiny, growing security and privacy concerns, evolving customer expectations and behaviors, new market entrants, cost pressures, and rapidly evolving technologies create a number of opportunities and risks for clients.
  • ·Help clients respond to these and other challenges.


  • ·3-15+ years of experience in the Financial Services Industry; preferably banking and capital markets.
  • ·3+ years of risk and compliance technology experience.
  • ·Excellent analytical skills; creative problem solving; previous project experience in assessing current functional and technology systems.
  • ·Project management and supervisory skills.
  • ·Interpersonal skills to lead high performance consulting teams.
  • ·Strong client relationship skills and competence to support consultative selling.
  • ·High degree of business ethics and the management of confidential information.
  • ·Excellent written communication skills including documentation of findings and recommendations.
  • ·Must be able to maintain professional demeanor and execute effectively in high stress situations.

Job conditions:

  • This position allows you to achieve a work/live balance. While our client's consultants still maintain a full work load, those who join this company from public accounting have felt relief in the work schedule. ·Our client is a growing practice. Last year employees received 100% of target bonus, some as high as 140%. ·Our client's skills-based focus allows for merit-based promotion which, early in your career, is considered on a six-month schedule rather than waiting for 'milestones' in your career or for a specific position to come available.