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Global Recruiting

European Staff B.V., an international recruitment awards winner, offers local, regional, nationwide and worldwide search and selection of highly skilled candidates.

Committed professionals with go-get attitude, we have been providing recruitment, executive search and headhunting services since 2003, relying on experience of leading experts as well as on the latest recruitment trends.


Our objectives:


  • We have our own updated database of 2279 crème-de-la-crème Candidates from all over the world
  • We have an unlimited access to internal NPA database of 065363 world’s best resumes
  • We have our own employment website (Workperson)
  • We have recruitment partners on 5 continents
  • We are Boolean- and X-ray search gurus
  • We never give up


We are global and we mean it

Being a member of NPA Worldwide (the oldest and most successful recruitment network), European Staff B.V. always goes Global.


Our placement geography already includes the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Israel, Palestine and Russia.

Our clients’ headquarters are located in the USA, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, etc.

Our expertise areas include: Agribusiness, Automotive, Civil Construction, Industrial Engineering, Machinery, Medicine, Power Engineering, Space Industry, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Mining, IT, Food and Beverage, FMCG, Finance, Legal, Insurance.


Why European Staff B.V.?

  • Wider selection of highly skilled English-speaking professionals
  • Accelerated search of candidates (within 4 weeks)
  • Negotiable recruitment fee
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy


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